"I have participated in, reviewed and taught the components Of the Police Tactical Training Program. As a qualified Police Use of Force Instructor, I find that each and every component and technique in the Program meets the Use of Force guidelines, i.e. using the minimum amount of force necessary to control a suspect."

Terry Oliver, Close Quarter Academy
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"I had the opportunity to experience the compliance techniques utilizing pressure point activation. The techniques we experienced were well received by all members in attendance. We were also given the opportunity to try them on our work mates, and many commented on the effectiveness and efficiency of the techniques .

I personally walked away with a greater understanding of the human body and how it works, through pressure point activation. I'm still amazed at how, when simple control techniques are used, we can gain almost complete compliance without leaving lasting pain or permanent injury to member(s) of our community, thereby eliminating complaints against our members."

Detective - Professional Standards Branch

The training provided by the Black Arts Society is outstanding! It doesn't matter who your opponent is, or how strong they are, they simply go down. During the training, I had the opportunity to go up against an instructor; he went down and was incapacitated. Simply put, this training is effective, efficient and a must for those on the front line. As a police officer, this training is invaluable!"

R.M.S. - Patrol Officer

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Black Arts Society Seminar. Ron, Gus and the other instructors were very impressive and enthusiastic. The techniques they teach would be useful for any law enforcement officer."

Police Detective - Forensics Branch

"I attended an 8 hour Police Tactical Training course and found the information presented to me to be extremely relevant to my job as a police officer. The tactics and principles demonstrated to me were easy to follow and very much hands on. I would recommend this type of course to any police officer in the province, country or North America for that matter.

With the proper patience and practice, these techniques will easily diminish the incidents of injury to police during the course of their duties. In addition, these techniques will provide any officer with confidence and the ability to exercise force in a fashion that will reduce public complainants and gross injury."

M.H. - Police Officer-Patrol

"This course was excellent in showing the different ways to control an aggressive person. It teaches a variety of methods which is invaluable as experience has shown that not all methods work, or can be employed, all the time. I would also highly recommend this course based on the knowledge of the instructors and the amount of time and attention spent by them with each group. Care was taken to show variations of methods and to ensure that students were using the demonstrated methods effectively. I would definitely take a follow up course if offered."

Special Constable M.M.
Court Security Officer

"I have been involved in martial arts for over 12 years and by far, the course offered by gus michalik and the black arts society are dead on in relation to the practical application of self-defence.

The instructors are very knowledgeable about the system of delivery and the effects it has on the unknowing recipient. Your confidence level will rise when having to deal with violent situations after attending the courses offered by the Black Arts Society."

Special Constable M.B.
Court Security Officer.

"By far the easiest form of self defence and use of force I have come to learn. It makes your subject compliant using as little effort and force as possible. Definitely a welcomed learning tool that should be instructed to all law enforcement officials."

Police officer - Patrol

"The training we received was excellent, and I am still talking about it. It gave me more confidence to do my job and put a whole new view on how to approach and handle different situations. I strongly recommend it for other law enforcement officers. Thank you for introducing me to the Black Arts methods."

Special Constable J.C.
Court Security Officer